Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Kids Update

I have been feeling lately that the big kids have gotten a little lost in the shuffle. I've updated about the babies and the family in general but not specifically about Kaitlyn and Caleb.

They are doing amazingly well and they make me laugh every day. Lately Kaitlyn has been obsessed with tornados. She had one bad dream and we have been discussing it ever since. Do they come here? Do they kill people? What do they look like? I thought the "why" stage was over but now it's just deeper questions.

We've also been working hard on her science project. It should have been on tornados but "I wasn't afraid of tornados before my science project" so it's on the praying mantis and of all things we are growing them. Okay, not me. I was too scared - I sent them in to school for the teacher to help her with. Her teacher loves science. The thing is they send these things in a vial and they are wrapped in their harden shell. I open the thing and it says that this hardened shell contains 200 eggs! What?? I thought I was getting one. On the plus side only about 50 to 100 will survive. I am NOT feeling better about this. And when they hatch I am supposed to provide them with food. They are carnivorous (of course!) so I have to give them wingless fruit flies. If I don't give them the fruit flies they will eat each other. Great. That wouldn't upset Kaitlyn. See why I sent them off to school? That and the fact that you have to mist the egg sac shell thing every week. Not that hard but if you see my list from yesterday I WILL forget and they'd all die and they'd never hatch. Who's dumb idea was this anyway? Hmmm, sort of mine. Never give kids the option for science proejcts. And this is just 2nd grade.

Here's Kaitlyn. Yep, staged picture but we haven't done anything exciting lately and it's rare that I get her out of her school uniform. She HATES to change. HATES to pull her hair back. HATES leaving the house, ever. For anything. LOVES animals.

Here's Caleb. I don't know what's with the pose. He was just doing it. Trying to balance. Cracks me up. He's sooo funny! He spends his days playing super heroes and wrestling with dad. He hates school in the morning and loves it in the afternoon. He has a new boy in class who he says "sins a lot". When asked how many times he got in trouble. Caleb said, "about 100" - in one day! Probably not :)

And not to exclude the triplets:

Alyssa's stylin' - LOVE this hat :)

Darn dishwasher is so attractive to them now. But ask them in a few years and they'll be no way!

"Give me that" - essentially her motto


Tripletblessed said...

Who exactly thought that bringing 200 of anything in your house would be a good idea? Glad the teacher agreed to "help" with that part!
That Kaitlyn is gorgous!
James loves the dishwasher to and recently he has taken to standing it on it!

Cherie said...

I'm stil laughing about the little boy who sins a lot. Thanks!

Kristy and Corey said...

Every time I get back on here to post a comment, you've got a new post...I love all the updates...thanks for keeping my blog addiction going! :)

The G's said...

The pictures of the kids are great. Kaitly cracks me up. She does like her schedule, doesn't she? You won't have to worry about her running off and joining a cult because that would alter her schedule! Glad you found my blog and figured out it was me. Your comments made me laugh! We are having a great time and I don't look forward to the day she leaves. Tell everyone hello for me!