Saturday, February 23, 2008

Easter Outfits

I love dressing my kids. It's just fun. And one of the biggest deals for us is Easter. Christmas is also a big picture deal as you all know from the family portraits but Christmas seems easier. The colors are pretty basic and there's not a lot you can do with that :)

And then there's Easter. Do we take the whole family picture? Do we do just the kids? How many family pictures do we need? Not much has changed since Christmas. So, because of that we decided to do just the kids this time. You know some fun pictures. Great. Now which ones? This is so complicated and I'm so picky. There are so many choices and yet not enough. And the price is crazy. I can't win!!! Try dressing five kids to coordinate and match - it's not easy.

After much discussion and fret (on my part) I finally came to something I wanted. I had it all in my cart on-line and what happens? Someone goes and buys all the dresses in size 7!! What? Who did this to me? I'm sure they knew I was ready to check out and took my dress!!! So, now I'm a bit annoyed because I finally came to a decision (and if you want an idea of how much of a decision this was just ask Kirk - I was driving him crazy) and then I couldn't have what I wanted. No fair!

Being that I am older then 2 I have to think through this in an adult manner. So, today we packed everyone up and headed to the mall. A real trip to Gymboree - not a mommy one on-line. Wow!! I am happy to report that everyone did very well. The triplets were a HUGE hit. Everyone stopped, started, pointed, talked about us, asked questions. Yep, that's normal. One man stopped Kirk and asked in earnest whether or not he had a son. Upon finding out that we do indeed have a boy the man patted Kirk on the back and felt good about our lives in general. So glad we could help! I even heard the "I'm glad it's them and not me" remark. Me too.

Beyond that they loved the girls at Gymboree and that was fun. We were their walking advertisement. I would so do that!!

And here are what the kids will be wearing in their pictures. We haven't done that yet but soon. I'm very excited. Caleb will be wearing a tie (probably pink so he can match his sisters). He's going to look so handsome!


Cherie said...

Oh, I"m still green with envy over that dress.
It's the cutest!

Tripletblessed said...

I love those dresses! I keep looking at them online as well just can't bring myself to spend the money!