Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

Even though I'm not a very big Disney fan I can't miss the opportunity to reference the Disney Princesses since, after all, some of the most popular princess are Ariel (A), Belle (B) and Cinderella (C). I got great pictures of Julianna sleeping a while ago but Alyssa has been much harder to catch actually sleeping! But finally, I have acheived my goal so I'm going to share some cute pics of the girls at their best.

Julianna's under there somewhere...

Sweet feet :)

Rachel's easier to capture - she sleeps a lot!

Rachel's the only one of the three that does not cover up with blankets when she sleeps - this is probably because Julianna likes to steal Rachel's blankets at night or is it that Rachel enjoys giving them to her?

All previous attempts ended like this...

Finally today :) So cozy - I wish I could trade places!

And just some video I got of the girl's the other day - too funny!


Kristy and Corey said...

Love those pics...especially the feet. You've inspired me...I'm gonna break out the camera today. I am always so relieved when the babes are sleeping...I usually wouldn't want to mess with a nap, but I'll risk it...they won't be this little forever!

The G's said...

Not to sound like the first post, but great picture, love the feet pic. So cute.