Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's Changed in 15 Months?

A lot! Well, of course, we all knew that. But can you believe the girls are 15 months old today? I can't. Today we had the great pleasure of meeting three new little baby girls. These precious girls were born at just 24 weeks and spent 135 days in the NICU before coming home in January. Other then being born early and still being on oxygen they reminded very much of my three little girls so many months ago. To hear them all cry at once. I'm not sure that was the most pleasant of memories...

But they are adorable. Their mom gave me permission to post some pictures of her sweet little girls: Juliette, Katie and Sophie - that's their birth order - Juliette and Katie are identical. Welcome home little ones!! (Remember when my girls were this little?)

Now 15 months later my girls have their own personalities and quirks. I shared video of Rachel's earlier this week. Julianna is just a crazy little girl who loves to give me five, show me her belly and "talk" in a language I don't understand. She has become very vocal about her likes and dislikes.

Rachel can giggle so cutely when she's not screaming. She's also very inquisitive and can play so well by herself - provided I'm nearby.

Alyssa is just cute. She can be silly and interestingly she has turned into my easiest going baby. She can't give five - she can only give ten :) She just gets too excited (I promise to get video of this soon). She also gives the cheesiest of grins.

Today as I met three new triplets it reminded me of just how far we've come. Fifteen months ago the girls barely moved, now they're everywhere. Then we were juggling feeding three babies at once - we're still doing that but it's a tad easier - they do feed themselves pretty well. Rachel can clean her tray of just about anything - go figure huh?

Of course a lot has changed but it's fun to remember. Sometimes :)

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