Monday, February 25, 2008


So, the truth is I am a very disorganized mother of 5. Or I put too much on my plate. I think the most disorganization is in my home. I know lots of other mothers of triplets whose homes are perfect. I have friends without triplets as well and a lot of them have the same neat home. Apparantly I have misplaced this gene because believe me my mother's home is perfect. Whatever she taught me growing up has apparantly fallen out of my tiny brain. It leaked through all the cracks and floated away.

Lately I have been feeling just a bit overwhelmed by the state of my house. How do I keep it all together?

List of things to do this month:
- write a chapter a week in novel
- complete 2 lessons in writing course
- post responses to discussion questions in Master's course
- finish midterm for Master's course
- tag items for consignment sale (my own)
- tag items for consignment sale (other people's)
- list clothes on Ebay
- do 12 loads of laundry
- make 40 school lunches
- complete science fair project with Kaitlyn
- sign up as moms of multiples treasurer
- sign up as church nursery coordinator
- make 25 dinners - we go out a few times :)
- update blog
- take pictures and video of the kids
- take care of 5 kids 24/7 - thank God they sleep some of those hours!!

So, where to I fit in organizing my house? I clean it - vacuum, dishes, laundry, bathrooms but yet my house feels cluttered all the time. I have NO idea what to do. Any thoughts?


Tripletblessed said...

I don't have as many things on my list and I can tell you my home is FAR FAR FAR from perfect, most days I'd be embarresed to have family see it!

Momma-of-5 said...

Seriously? How do you have time to do ANYTHING? You're QUITE ambitious.