Sunday, February 03, 2008

Go Giants!!!

I seriously meant to put this up before the game and then time got away from me and I wasn't able to do so. While I was born in New Jersey my parents are from New York and my dad has been a Giants fan for as long as I can remember (Jets too) so in honor of my dad I was rooting for the Giants. On the flip side, if the Patriots had won it would've given them a perfect season and that would have been amazing. But, still I was rooting for the Giants and after an intense 4th quarter it was great to see them pull it off!

That being said, the pictures we took tonight have nothing to do with the game. Instead my good friend, Joanna, and family came over in matching outfits (just the girls to my girls - not the whole family). To add to the voting dilemma about dressing them alike, how cute are they?

The girls in their Sunday best - this is coordinating - different tights :)

Sorry I have to be in the picture but I felt it was the best way to get all 6 girls to sit still.

Don't miss Caleb in the background...

And, finally, all the girls looking cute in their matching outfits! For the record if I dress them alike now doesn't mean I will forever - just while they're little :)

And I just have to add this - this is Julianna and her tiger. He has no name because she's not old enough to name him/her but she LOVES this tiger. If someone else has it she will complain to high heaven to get it back!

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Kristy and Corey said...

We just love all those girls! My poor boys...I guess they will just have to wrestle with Julianna...and I bet Rachel could hold her own too! Ha!