Wednesday, April 16, 2008

17 Months

I was all set to take a picture of the girls at 17 months but I just didn't get around to it. These things happen I guess. I considered skipping this month but decided that it was important enough to record their milestones to this point. I can't say too much has changed since last month. They are communicating more and more all the time though it does seem that Julianna is at least a few months ahead of the other two. They kind of just follow her.

They have become obsessed with shoes and bring me shoes constantly. Then they lift up their feet so I can put them on. They don't care at all what size shoes they are - mine, theirs, brothers, big sisters. It's cute until they throw a temper tantrum about it.

They are also interested in eating with forks, spoons and bowls. Julianna is doing pretty well with putting something on her fork and getting it into her mouth. The other girls are trying but they seem to like the bowls better. I'll try to get this on video soon. It's very cute!

So, I have survived another month. The crying is still pretty consistent. Honestly I think it's because Alyssa and Rachel can't verbalize as well as Julianna so they break down easier whereas Julianna can tell me more of what she wants so she seems to cry less. One month left to a year and a half. Is their second year almost half over? How does it happen this fast?


Kristy and Corey said...

It's so true about those shoes! They just stick that foot up in the air...adorable! In the short time I was with you the other day, I watched all of them do that several times! So funny!

Denise Wheeler said...

Too funny! I wonder if it is an age thing. Since our trips are the exact same age. Mine have recently become obsessed with shoes as well. I wish mine talked a little more though. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I too can't believe their 2nd year is almost gone.