Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Wish...

I wish I had a camera following me all day. Before you think me crazy let me finish. Not like a camera crew to put me on a TV show or something but just someone there to capture the great and not-so-great moments that occur during my day.


- 3 girls running around the island and giggling as if it's the most fun thing in the world.
- finding 3 girls with me no matter where I happen to go - they are like ducklings - if I play in the living room they are there, if I head to the family room same thing - upstairs, downstairs, doesn't matter - I would love to share this migration with everyone so I'd at least have a record of triplets NOT going in 3 different directions like is always imagined
- the fights that ensue over an empty coke or pepsi can (yes, I watch them carefully) - there's something they love about holding that thing and if someone has it and it's not Julianna well, the world has ended in her book
- capturing Alyssa and I "talking" - she yells, she talks, she dances, she rocks and I can't get any of this on camera - the moment I turn it on, she's shy and doesn't want to say anything.
- the constant screaming so everyone can share how loud and crazy my world has become.
- the record I would have of all the things Kaitlyn and Caleb say because I can't remember them as I sit down to write even when I repeated them to myself in order to share the jokes with everyone.
- being able to share the video of the sheer amount of diaper changes I do every day - that and you'd laugh at me a lot for all the butts I sniff because I just know someone has pooped again in their clean diaper!
- capturing how my house can be clean and orderly and within seconds everything I've done becomes undone because the girls would rather have every toy in the middle of the floor and every piece spread out and every ball out of the ball pit (why is it that the only thing that ever stays immaculately clean are the shelves that are supposed to hold all the stuff?)
- the babbling between sisters because someday they'll wonder what it sounded like and what it was like when they were little and all I could say is I didn't get it on film.

I'm sure my wishlist could go on forever. As I read the blog of a friend who lost one of her babies recently I was reminded at how precious our time is and how we have no idea when someone we love could be gone. So, I wish that I had a way of capturing every moment so that I would never forget how they sounded, felt, looked. So, thank you for letting me share their moments with you on this blog because for now this is the best record I'm going to get...


Momma-of-5 said...

The only thing about this wonderful idea is that I would end up in pictures. Ewwwwww...not quite ready for that!

Susiewearsthepants said...

New here. Just thought I would stop by and say hi. Loved the video. Really cute!