Friday, April 04, 2008

ACSI Science Fair

Today was the ACSI Science Fair (Association of Christian Schools International) and Kaitlyn did very well. Since she's only in 2nd grade and was supposed to be in 3rd for the fair I think she did fine and I'm very proud of her. Her school allowed 2nd graders to do a report and so much a project so her project didn't follow all the rules.

I am glad she got to have the experience anyway :) She got to meet a weather man, an astronaut who has been in space at least twice (sorry, I don't know their names)and may be on TV next Tuesday AM. She also got to see a bunch of other neat science projects which will give us plenty to work on next year!

Here's some pictures from today:

With the judges...

The astronaut:

They made a sign for ABC 7:

Listening to the weatherman:

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