Monday, April 21, 2008

Grocery Game Tracker Week 2

Today I went shopping again with the Grocery Game. Didn't get there yesterday because of care group. Usually Sunday's are very, very busy so I have to wait till Monday. I think shopping Sunday's is probably better as Harris Teeter was out of a few of their specials including the ground chuck on sale. Figures. Not the ask the butcher for more kind. The weird kind in a roll but hey, it was on major sale :) Apparantly other people got over the strange packaging as well and bough HT out of their current supply. Thus by weekly meals consist basically of chicken. Such is life. My family will survive just fine.

My grand total for today - groceries for the coming week - was $89!! Wow! So cheap. I saved $29. Pretty good. My total does include 5 gallons of milk and bananas which must be purchased regardless of sales.

And my menu for this week:

Monday: Baked chicken, rice and green beans
Tuesday: Baked Ziti
Wednesday: Chicken n Dumplings
Thursday: Easy Cheesey Chicken Chili

Weekends off/leftovers/going out. Sometimes we have spaghetti :) The last two recipes are thanks to my friend Cherie. Thanks girl!

And I want to say a very special thank you to my friend, Janette who watched the girls today while my house was thoroughly cleaned by The Cleaning Authority. They did an awesome job and I love, love that my house is officially deep cleaned. I'm most happy about the bathrooms because who likes that job anyway? It's as close to pampering as a stay-at-home mom gets!!


MaryBeth said...

You might enjoy I've found tons of helpful menu and frugal shopping ideas there on her Menu Plan Monday roundup.

Janette said...

So, do you focus on just one store then? HT is a bit far, so wonder if I should bother hitting that. Giant and Bloom are right here, so those are for sure for me. OH and Zoe has a fever!!! UGH UGH UGH!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

So where do I sign up for that kind of pampering? That sounds like heaven to me.


Cherie said...

Please tell me how you like those recipes. They are two of our favorites and VERY easy.
BTW, I prefer the HT brand salsa for the chilli. And my boys love to dip tortilla chips in the chili.

How soon can you send the cleaning crew to my house?

Momma-of-5 said...

That's crazy! I discovered my problem...I don't get the coupons are out! =)