Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Caleb's 1st Day

While this isn't Caleb's 1st year in preschool today was the first day of a new year so of course I had to take more pictures!

This is the "hurry up and take the picture because this backpack is heavy" look:

Yes, it's the same back pack as Kaitlyn's except in boy color. But we got a good deal at Gymboree and I do love that store :) Plus the lunchboxes clip to the backpacks meaning more room in the back pack for stuff! And today's stuff includes more school supplies - I'll be glad when the first week is over and the kids are "moved in" to school.

Caleb at his desk.

So, now that Kaitlyn and Caleb are back at school what does that mean for me at home? A whole day with "just" three kids! This will be less great in a few years but right now they take a good nap and I get a few hours in peace and quiet :) The flip side of this "bliss" is that I must now get the girls up earlier and feed them breakfast while trying to get K&C ready for school. Not an easy task. Compound that with putting the girls down much earlier for nap then they're used to and then waking them up to pick the big kids up from school means much crankier days. I seriously hope they (um, Rachel) gets used to this soon!

But they aren't always screaming - there are a few moments where they are pleasant. Today Julianna said to me, "TV peas" (which is of course, please). This is sad - my girls are asking for TV!!

Julianna is talking so much - the other two are trying to catch up but I think I've said this before that she seems to be 2 months ahead of the other two. I think the next time I'm asked if they're triplets I'll tell them Julianna is two months older :) I wonder how long it will take them to figure that one out...

She has also got into pulling me where they want to go (this they are all doing and boy is it fun) but today Julianna pulled me from my lunch (the same lunch they avoided eating) to the living room, she patted the couch and said "down". We spent a lot of time this morning with me sitting on the couch watching them climb and slide on our small living room slide:

To Julianna's dismay this morning the slide once again replaced the "updown" What's an updown you ask? Well, of course it's a moonbounce! What do you call it? See, she's talking all the time - she can even say "bye-bye Elmos" Yes, Elmo is plural - don't ask me why. But it's really cute.


MaryBeth said...

Hope Caleb's first day goes well. When I picked Ella up she said preschool was really, really way too much fun! So cute...

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Caleb looks so excited to go to school. I showed his picture to Ashlyn and she asked if she could play with him. Wouldn't that be nice?

Isn't it cute when they start to talk and you can actually understand them? It really makes them seem like people on not babies.