Friday, September 05, 2008

So This Is How It Goes...

I feel like half of my day is spent searching for things that the girls need - their clothes, their shoes, their sippy cups, them and the other half is spent cleaning up after them and spinning in circles to keep them from making more messes. I juggle cups of water that they want out of the fridge, I juggle them as they cry, fuss or just want to cuddle, I juggle food. I probably say "please don't throw that on the floor" ten times a day or maybe an hour - it's hard to tell.

I also say, "please don't touch that"; "I said, don't touch that!" This usually refers to my computer or electronics of any kind - you all know about the DS' but there's also the phones, the remote, the computers. Sometimes, however, this refers to their sister's food and person. Which brings me back to juggling whoever is most "injured" at the moment.

In order to maintain my sanity we eat a lot of snacks. Goldfish are a hit especially when you are able to smush them on the table or sweep them onto the bench and then stomp on them with your feet. Of course this also means that both crumbs and whole Goldfish end up on the floor. Which adds to my juggling for the day. Go figure. After all not everybody likes to walk across their kitchen floor and feel Goldfish under their feet... I'm convinced someday the girls will catch on. Right?

This brings me to the funniest part of my day today. Julianna likes grapes, Rachel hates grapes except if she's allowed to pop them. Yes, it's irritating and makes a HUGE mess but Rachel enjoys popping grapes and grape tomatoes - we keep these away from her.

The thing is Julianna doesn't understand so when Rachel reaches out her hand and does her "gimme" motion - you know she wiggles her fingers to say "give me one!" I can't stop Julianna. I tried she just doesn't understand. So after following the trail of popped grapes I caught up to them once again instructing Rachel NOT to pop grapes!

Her solution? First, she fed them to me. After a while I'd had enough grapes. Then she threw them on the floor. While this was great fun to her it seriously isn't fun for me. Again lots of chasing and "no, don't do that's!"

In an attempt at diversion I instructed them to offer some to Alyssa. Which they did and Alyssa responded with an open mouth. This I didn't get on camera but is so funny. Alyssa opens her mouth and goes "aaah" so Rachel shoves a grape in. Rachel finds this fun so begins to follow Alyssa around saying "aaah" and shoving a grape at her :)

But, this isn't the funniest part. I'm making dinner and finding it interestingly quiet so I'd better go find out what has happened to the grapes (of course they're breaking my no food out of the kitchn rule!). But I digress. Since neither Alyssa or I are interested in being fed more grapes Rachel has found someone else to feed:

Just cracked me up! Right now I'm so grateful that Rachel didn't pop them in his mouth!! Have I mentioned that the girls LOVE Elmo?

Sorry about the poor quality of this picture - I was trying to get them in motion - this is Julianna feeding Alyssa. Can Alyssa make herself any more the baby of the family?


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Ok, ditto on the first half of the post and the second is so funny I almost peed my pants. As soon as I saw poor Elmo I couldn't stop laughing.

My kids all love him too, though no one has fed him yet.

Angie said...

The first part of your post made me feel like I was reading about my own home!! I can't tell you how many times I say "please don't throw that on the floor"...

The pictures with Elmo are too funny!! Well, she had to feed the grapes to somebody, right?!?