Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Got Rejected!!

Okay, this may sound weird but in the writing world it is all part of the process of getting published. People ask me all the time if I've been published. I wish it were that easy. It really isn't.

I know I shared I had a good experience at the writer's conference when I met with one of my favorite authors, Wanda Dyson. She loved my work and recommended me to an agent there (whom I did contact but never heard back from). She also recommended me to another author, Brandt Dodson who was there representing a publisher. Very highly recommended my work and so they both asked if I had a copy to pass on to the publisher. I fished out a copy but I seriously wasn't prepared. I passed on a "proposal" that was meant for someone else and didn't really think much of it. I honestly thought Brandt threw it in the trash :) I mean how many proposals did he get while he was there?!

So, when I got this e-mail I was actually surprised:

Dear Dorinda:

"On behalf of the senior editor, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to take a look at Embrace No Evil. We would also like to acknowledge Brandt Dodson for his support of this project.

Unfortunately, the material you graciously provided isn’t quite right for our publishing program. I’m afraid we’re going to have to decline. Keep in mind that with our lists growing smaller and smaller, we are finding it necessary to pass over worthy possibilities to find those few submissions that are perfectly suited to Harvest House.

We wish you success in all you do, Dorinda."

So, am I really weird to just be very excited about the second sentence while disregarding the rest? That to me is good news. I mean, heck, they rejected my first draft - I can't say I'm surprised.

The other good news is that I e-mailed the publisher and asked if I could submit another proposal at another time and they said yes!! As long as I refer to this e-mail and the named editor (which I removed from this post)! Wow, that is so cool. Basically this publisher does NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts. You can NOT just decide to submit to something to them. It's like this way with a lot of publishers actually. So to me the fact that 1. Brandt Dodson supported my "project" and 2. I can submit again at a later time is really, really HUGE great stuff. Enough that I'll overlook the current rejection :)

And that, my friends, is my first rejection...


Cyn said...

ROCK ON SISTER!!! I am SO happy for you!! I write poetry and devotionals mostly, but am a HUGE chicken when it comes to letting anyone read them, muchless take on the challenge of facing rejections from a publisher! It's all so personal, and I can't seem to seperate potential rejection of the "project" from rejection of "me"! This is SO cool for you!!

Wanda Dyson said...

Now, go get that proposal cleaned up and ready to submit at the next conference. :)

Wanda Dyson

The G's said...

That is the best rejection I have ever heard of! Way to go!

MaryBeth said...

I'm pretty sure congratulations are in order?!? I really enjoyed reading along as you blogged it!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Dorinda, sorry I have been so buried in my life lately and missed reading this sooner. That is awesome and its so great that you can see the positive in any situation. That is very good news.