Monday, December 01, 2008


I just can't believe it's December 1st. Has 11 months already gone by since New Years? It seems so fast. I remember making resolutions - things I would do before the year ended.

One of those resolutions was to write a complete novel - which I did by August - took me 8 months.

Another resolution was to become more organized.

Unfortunately that one didn't seem to stick quite as well. Or as fast.

This is the basement. It has become an enormous dumping ground. Instead of playing pool down there we pile up buckets and toys and everything else we need out of the way. As you may have guessed this is NOT condusive to play.

This is the pool table. In four days it is going to a new home. Some wonderful friends have offered to take it so that we can actually have some room!! Woo hoo!!

Lately the girls have actually been going down to play by themselves. Julianna actually LOVES going down there and will call to Alyssa or Rachel as soon as we get home from dropping the big kids off at school. I walk in and hear "Nana, come on, go basement. Go downstairs. Come on!" Nana is Rachel. No, it doesn't make any sense but Julianna refuses to Rachel as Nana and refuses to say Rachel or any form of it (Julianna is also Nana). If Rachel, "Nana" doesn't want to go then Julianna will quickly switch to "Assa" I hear a lot of "come on, come on! Go downstairs" Usually Alyssa will join her and they'll both scoot downstairs to play.

While it is truly adorable and wonderful that they are playing together I am obviously concerned about the pool table which the girls LOVE. And the hard balls on the cool table. This will resolve after Saturday but I am now faced with what to do with all the stuff down there!!

The great thing about the internet and blogs is all the people you meet. Recently I have met a new friend, Cyndy at The Chamber's Chatters. I mentioned to her how wonderfully organized her twin's playroom was and how disorganized I was feeling. She quickly mailed me the coolest book - Coach Mom by Brenna Stull: 7 Strategies for Organizing Your Family Into an All-Star Team. I haven't read all the way through but I have started and it is so easy to read and very helpful already. I love new friends :) More on her in another post - she sent another gift along as well.

So, why do I share all this? Three reasons:

1. To be accountable so I actually get all this done and organized like I'd like - hopefully before the new year and new resolutions.

2. To be able to share before and after photos for when I finally get the job done.

and 3. Because I need help with a paint color!!

Here are my thoughts and before you vote - here's the thing - it HAS to be a warm color - there is one small window that doesn't let in a lot of light. There are two rooms off the rec room - one is very colorful: pink and green and lots of dots - that's the playroom - the other is the guest room with beach colors - yellows, greens and blues. It doesn't have to match but it does have to coordinate! Normally I am full of ideas and lots of paint ideas but right now I am just blanking :) I love the combo of red and teal blue. I like orange but that might be a bit much?? It needs to be kid friendly but not too over-the-top because we do want to sell at some point!!

So, here are my current choices or at least palettes:

Yellowish/Orange Color:

Reddish color - probably not this pink but not red, red because it would be too dark:

A real orange:

Or a khaki/brown - I know this one seems a little less kid-like but I'll add color no matter the overall color.

Or a yellowish green so it has a warmer hue but is still a cooler color:

Five options - it's a lot! I may do stripes but I really haven't come up with a plan yet. So, suggestions are super and please vote!! And FYI - I am allowing you to choose two colors but if you do please comment and let me know!! Otherwise I have no idea :) That vote would be for a combo design. Thanks all!


Cyn said...

Ok, here's my vote...
You say the playroom is very colorful: pink and green and lots of dots - and the other is the guest room with beach colors - yellows, greens and blues.
So why not use the green and khaki colors ~ green on bottom, and khaki on top with a chair rail/border/stripe about 3 to 4 feet from the floor ~ depending on your ceiling heights. give it a cottage/beach feel that carries over into the guest room, but doesn't leave the playroom looking out of place? So.........What do you think? Glad you like the book! Cant wait to see the end results! BYE BYE pool table...HELLO NEW COOL BASEMENT!! btw ~ thanks for the "shout out"! :-) Cyn

Karen said...

Reddish color or Green. Those are my favorites.

And I definitely LOVE the dots idea!! It's so playful and FUN!

Cherie said...

The last two are my favorites!

Annie said...

I vote for khaki and green. The colors are neutral and the room will look bigger with more space.

I would paint with green on the bottom and khaki on top with a white molding in between. Also on the walls some pictures or paintings about kids themes.

Denise Wheeler said...

I wish I could see the different colors but whenever someone has a pole up I can't stay on their page for some reason. Very strange. Anyway, I vote we go ahead and send Oprah and email so she can do a whole show on how disorganized some of us HOM mothers are and maybe get us some professional help! :)

Kristy said...

So, I like the green color and the khaki color as well. I also like that light orange color...but seriously, what do I know? I have all white walls!!! Can't wait to see the transformation!

Misty said...

I'm with the green & khaki. It will be like bringing the outdoors in. ALso, you can have alot of play with the decorations or whatever you bring in there.

And congratulations on the email! I totally get your excitement on it! I've been hleping my mom with getting into galleries with her artwork/pottery & it is the same thing. She is now in several & has hosted a few shows. You are sooooo on your way!

And I LOVE Denises idea!