Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They Are Sisters!

I think we have turned the corner of "individuals" doing the same thing to a "group" in the sense that the girls look for each other, talk to each other and play with each other. Each of them knows what belongs to them and what belongs to their sisters. Julianna is the one who often tells me where Alyssa's seat is or where Rachel's cup is. They are starting to know each other. They are starting to act like sisters.

Here they all are cuddling under mommy and daddy's covers. Alyssa usually starts this game because she really likes to be in our bed but the other girls very quickly follow.

Julianna knew I was taking her picture and posed accordingly - I swear - I didn't put her hand there and she kept putting it back even after a few takes! How funny is she?!

Rachel (not crying, it does actually happen) - the girl is really taken to reading and drawing and can draw circles, put eyes in them and look at me and say "face"! Wow, I think that's really cool.

Sweet Alyssa. She is talking more and when she says "thank you" it is seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard! It's like "thk u" and she says it all the time - even if you take something away from her. I love this age :)

I have to say we were lax on brushing the girls teeth for a while. The thought of brushing their teeth really scared me. But I shouldn't have worried - they all do very, very well with it. We had only one fight with Julianna over who got to brush first but after that they all line themselves up on the edge of our tub and wait their turn. Julianna will often say "my turn" as she sits and waits. Love it.

Waiting "patiently" - at least Julianna will say "cheese":

Love their brushes - basically they love sucking the toothpaste off of them.

How well they sit after they have their teeth brushed.

And thank God for the basement! The five kids go down there and play for hours. Seriously - it is wonderful :) Tonight they made a "cave" under the stairs and we were dragging the girls out to go to bed. So cute. More pictures to come but we haven't had a chance to paint the rest - someone had a baby this weekend that I just had to see :)

More pictures to come - the girls have had a very busy social calendar this week - Christmas party, playdates - but I forgot my camera for all of them - how sad is that? Go mom, huh? Fortunately there were other cameras so all that is left for me to do is hunt those people down and steal their cameras. Either that or just ask them to e-mail me a copy. Whichever is easier...


Angie said...

The pictures are so cute! I also really enjoy this age. It is just so sweet most of the time. I know it will go by quickly.
It must be so wonderful to have that extra space for playing and toy storage. I am glad the kids like it and use it!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

My little ones are starting to point out who's stuff is who's too. They must be at the very same stage. They will point out our chairs, even mommy and daddy, at the table. They have colored name bands on their sippy cups and they now know who's color is who's. But....they will also refuse to use anything that is not "theirs". That can get annoying. I love this age too. The potty training part I could do without, though.

They look so snuggly in bed. Makes you just want to kiss them.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great pics! How fun to see them interacting like that!

And...a blogging mama should NEVER forget her camera! ;)

Tripletblessed said...

I watch my girls and I'm so jealous I don't have a sister!

Denise Wheeler said...

That is awesome. I love how my kiddos really seem to know each other now and how they will take care of each other(from time to time). The girls are so cute.