Monday, December 29, 2008

Sea World In December...

...Is very crowded! Apparantly everyone likes the 70 degree weather (which, by the way, is MUCH better then the 80 degrees and way too hot weather) and they all decide to go to Orlando for vacation. Today they were all at Sea World. So, if you're missing any friends or relative I'm pretty sure I know where they are.

Speaking of friends in Sea World today we got to spend some time with some of our Virginia friends, The Nash Family. Random, huh? They were to visit Disney, we were here to visit family so we met at Sea World. Kaitlyn was thrilled to have her good friend, Savannah along for the day.

My favorite parts of the day were the whale show and dolphin show. We sat in the splash zone for the dolphin show - they're tiny and their splashes don't go so far - the whales - no way - we sat safely further back :)

Some shots that are probably on the cameras of every person who has ever been to Sea World:

And the dolphin show: My camera was running low on batteries so I got very few pictures of the dolphins which means I cannot share the water version of Cinderella (at least that's my guess - it was a girl and a guy running around and lots of people dressed up as birds doing cool tricks like flying and diving - we're just not sure what that has to do with the dolphins...)

Waiting for the dolphin show - guess who's hoping to get soaked? Guess who isn't?!

And the last photos we got before the camera just died and refused to work (darn batteries) - this is us waiting for the Polar Express pretending to be cold :) But once we got past the ride that was just okay we did get to see the arctic animals like the polar bear and the walrus - very cool - literally.


Misty said...

I love seaworld! What a fun trip!

Following Him said...

Looks like you all are enjoying yourselves still with all the people. Have fun and take lots of picts!

The Nash Family said...

Oh, lovely picture of me! What time did you guys leave?

Tripletblessed said...

Hey your right I have pictures just like those! Sounds like you are still having fun.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

You need to practice looking cold. Come to my house. It was 21 below zero the other day with the wind chill. You don't even have time to stop and make faces, you just run to wherever you're going and get inside.