Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Christmas Program

The kids had their yearly Christmas program tonight - this year it was more like a sing-a-long but the kids each had their own parts and they did so well. Said all their lines and spoke loudly and clearly.

Kaitlyn telling us about the meaning of the candy cane. She didn't seem nervous at all which I find amazing since there were well over 50 people there!

Caleb and Zoe reciting their verse: Luke 2:11 - they did a great job and remembered all the words. They even said it twice which made Caleb think they did the best job of everybody because "they asked us to say the verse twice since we were so good." He has no lack of self-confidence!

I tried getting pictures of the girls but mostly just got the backs of their heads. Sometimes they just don't cooperate!!

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