Saturday, April 21, 2007


I hate golf. Sorry for all of you who love it - I hate it. Kirk and I don't play it but every year Kaitlyn's school does a big golf fundraiser and being the nice school goers that we are we do our part to contribute and Kaitlyn gets to "golf". Wanted to share some pictures of the next Tiger Woods. Not! And his big sister :) See how little I know about golf? I wouldn't even be able to name one female golfer. So thank you to all of you who sent in donations to Kaitlyn's school - they were greatly appreciated and earned her a gift certificate to Toys R Us which burned a hole in her pocket and required a trip there last night. Of course, the entire way home Alyssa screamed at the top of her lungs all the way home - miserable.

Some pictures of my happy golfers. Maybe it was just the beautiful day that got us all in a good mood and thankful to be out of the house!

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