Monday, April 30, 2007

Zoo Trip

Today I got to go on my first field trip of the year with Kaitlyn. Last year I made it to everyone but this year I have been mostly stuck at home because of the girls. Kirk graciously stayed home all day with them so that I could take Kaitlyn and Caleb to the Reston Zoo. We had a nice time though I really missed Kaitlyn's old teacher and her classmates. It felt weird without them. She was the one who was always with Kaitlyn on all her other field trips and would take pictures of her for me. She was very gracious in those things and I am still sad that she is gone and therefore all the more grateful and happy that I was able to go along with Kaitlyn today.

So, just wanted to share a few pictures of our fun (and hot!) day.

My two cuties: Kaitlyn and Caleb:

Feeding the animals. Mommy would not do this but the kids jumped right in and began feeding the goats and sheep. We even saw baby rabbits that were born this morning.

Pony Rides. The kids had a great little ride although Caleb took a little encouraging to finally get on and take a ride but apparantly he told the girl walking the pony around that he loved it and wanted to ride ponies when he grew up :)

My real-life monkey!

Caleb as a peacock - take notice of his alligator (from the gift shop) to the left of the peacock. He made sure that I got it in the picture - such a boy! (Thankfully)

Okay, so this cow just freaked us all out. She weighed about 900 pounds and had these massive horns. Kaitlyn was a little nervous when she (and all the other cows and even the buffalo) chased the wagon as we drove away.

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