Friday, April 13, 2007

Our Big Outing!

And by big I do mean big. Yesterday I took the girls, Caleb and my good friend Lisa Z. to the mall for a triplet get together. For once, I was not the main attraction! Wow! There were five sets of triplets, two sets of twins and one set of quads. One of the sets of twins has older siblings - a set of triplets!! But they stayed home and mom came out with "just" the twins :)

Lisa Z. and I met the quads in Gymboree (no one is surprised that I was there!) and she was impressed that I had two older children and triplets - I was impressed that the woman had 4 babies! Two girls and two boys. Aaahh.... And they were just 3 months old but make that 3 weeks old by adjusted age (they were born at 30 weeks). It was nice to get out and know that I'm not alone but heck, in my case it was just nice to get out and go shopping again :)

Not to leave Caleb out - he had a great time on the Merry-Go-Round and at the kids playplace. He's a good big brother.

You may remember these boys from a previous picture - yes, they are the same ones - in order from front to back: Christian, Tommy and Jack. I can't say that my girls were making a good impression on them! We were hoping for more of a group photo but there were quite a lot of us and way too many cranky babies - the oldest of the group were 14 month old GGG triplets - we were the youngest - by 3 days to these boys.

People always ask if things are getting better with the girls. In a way I would say they are but in others things are getting harder. They are in my least favorite baby stage right now - more alert but still unable to do very much of anything. They test the waters at naptime and are often up screaming. Rachel becomes more difficult and still isn't eating well. I know that every day is one of survival and we are getting closer to the good parts but still when all three are screaming and Caleb or Kaitlyn are asking for something I find myself wishing time away even though that means the girls will at some point be mobile!

On a good note Alyssa seems less fussy these days and more excited to play. Julianna talks a LOT and when the girls are all three together and fascinated with something it is a joy to watch. They even seem to talk to each other when they are playing near each other. And, the other night Kaitlyn and Caleb kept them all occupied while I worked on dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Big sister and big brother are beginning to enjoy their roles. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see all five our little ones running around and play together - preferably in the backyard to keep the noise level down a bit.

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