Thursday, April 26, 2007

Routine Changes

Oh good grief, these girls are driving me nuts!! Someday I'll be holding this over their heads :) They need sleep, I know they do but do they want to sleep? No, they don't. Well, the real deal is that they want to sleep but some sister or another wakes up screaming and the other sister must investigate and if that sister is crying well, it must be bad enough for another one to join in. Usually it's because Julianna is having some kind of movement issue and gets stuck somewhere so she starts screaming and Alyssa looks over to say "what's wrong with her?" and Julianna screams more so maybe Alyssa thinks she needs to tell me what's wrong because then they both go off and I have to go check.

Mom's solution: the basement! It's my secret weapon :) Grab the culprit out of her crib, scurry her down 2 flights of stairs, swaddle her again and stick her in the pack n play. Seems to work. The other two can settle back down and the third seems to be happy with her new bed.

Maybe now I can get back to our 4 hour schedule - the past 2 days the girls have been up early and way off schedule. They're making mommy nuts!! Didn't they read the books?? And, no, they are still hating solid food except for Alyssa a little bit.

This is life with triplets - mostly just survival. Everyone who has been here knows the crazy time we have just rotating babies and keeping them from screaming their heads off all the time. That and entertaining a 3 year old little boy :)

At least Kaitlyn goes to school every day and can entertain herself though when she's here she likes to make the girls laugh which is fun. And if you're wondering she's doing pretty well at school. Our zoo trip got rescheduled for next Monday instead of tomorrow due to the weather but I'm looking forward to some fun pictures then (the girls are staying home with dad).

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