Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rachel's Treatment Plan

Today was the big day to see the GI. Finally, after a month of waiting and fighting we have a few new options to try and we'll see how things go. She will be taken off of the Zantac and switched to the stronger drug, Prevacid. This should help with hopefully help with the pain she is probably feeling due to a irritated esophagus. It could take 2 weeks to see a difference. I hope not!

We will also be adding rice to her bottle in the hopes of thickening it up and maybe she will take that better. It would be very helpful if she would take solid foods but so far she doesn't seem to like that any better. Have to keep trying...

We take her back in a month to see how things are working. At least the doctor gave me something new and not just "I don't what to do with her". We are also going to try and fight her less - she needs 20 ounces a day to live and she usually gets that but not a whole lot more. Hopefully she will soon. Right now she weighs 12.8 pounds which is a pound weight gain since last month. Not a lot but every little bit helps. I have no idea what Julianna weighs but I'd have to guess somewhere between 15 and 16 pounds - she's a BIG girl!

Today we also went and visited a new friend, Jeannie, in the hospital on bed rest with triplet boys. We saw a lot of my old nurses, sonographers and the doctor that delivered me. It was nice to get back there and hard to believe how long ago that part of my life was. It did feel really good to be able to walk out of the room on my own :) Although they were all a lot quieter in me!!

Thanks for your prayers and please keep thinking and praying for Rachel - we all want this to get better.

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