Tuesday, June 05, 2007

5 Mobile Kids = Massive Chaos

It's official Alyssa is mobile as well. Yesterday for the first time she rolled from her back to her front and today she did it over and over. And Julianna is rolling everywhere. She can make it from side of the room to the other and then she gets stuck and smiles at me. So adorable. Rachel still gets stuck. She looks like Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible - she tries to keep her arms and legs off the floor. She is in amazing shape!

Today is a special day. On the calendar in Kirk's office is last June - it's a dry erase board and I am very behind. On June 5th of last year I have marked "Sono - see babies!" I can't believe it but a year ago today we our 12 week scan to see the babies and I just remember being so nervous that one of them wouldn't be there and I was so relieved when we saw all three heart beats and all the babies just moving around. They were so tiny and we had no idea if they were boys or girls - we just wanted them to be healthy but even if they weren't we just wanted them alive and here to hold and love. And then we had a small scare that maybe Rachel might have Down's but now we all know she doesn't.

And a year ago tomorrow Kirk set up this blog for me to record for everyone my amazing pregnancy. I am shocked that so many people check us out every week to see how our family is and what the babies are up to. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think from time to time :)

For everyone's enjoyment here's my new comment for June 5th, 2007 : Video: See Babies Move: Five Mobile Kids! And stay tuned for the sisterly love at the end.

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