Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to Work

So, after 7 months of "slacking" I am back to work taking care of a friend's girls during the day :) We are having a fun summer so far and I just wanted to share photos of my "new" crew (feels like I have 2 sets of triplet girls with poor Caleb in the middle!).

From left to right - top row: Kaitlyn, Julia and Allyson
Bottom row: Rachel, Julianna and Alyssa (sound similar?!)
Caleb is by himself on the right :( He needs some sympathy!

During the day the girls often come in to play with "themselves". We joke because of all the similar names and the girls like to play with their counterparts. They are in charge of the baby with the most similar name :) Kaitlyn is the exception so she is paired with Rachel.

Kaitlyn and Rachel:

Julia and Julianna:

Allyson and Alyssa:

And just some fun pictures of our day. We're on a pretty tight schedule (self-imposed but it keeps me sane) but we do get to let loose sometimes!

The 4th girl is Kaitlyn's friend Emery:

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