Saturday, June 16, 2007

7 Months Old Today!

This is a 7 month picture of me and the girls (L to R: Alyssa, Rachel, Julianna). It's a little different from our first photos 7 months ago! I can't believe how far we've come.

Things I've learned in 7 Months:

- it's surprisingly easy to tune out a lot of crying - "what did you hear something? Nope, not me!"

- it's surprisingly easy to make a schedule and stick with it - surprisingly it's also very hard to figure out your day when you're off that schedule

- it's easier to go out in public with the babies then for one of us to stay home and deal with thier screaming (so maybe I'm not as good as tuning them out as I'd like to be...).

(Here I must add a notice to everyone: we are not going out in public to try and show off or to make you feel better or worse about your life. It's just our best survival tactic for both of us to date. I'm also aware that other people have twins, triplets and wow, even more than us. I don't need to be reminded - again, I'm not trying to one up you because I had more kids at once than you - this is just my life!)

- entertainers don't entertain very long and no amount of toys is enough - they're bored of all of them in about 20 mintues - now what? We go out! (See above note)

- triplets are a good excuse for anything. "Hey, you're late!" "Yep, I have triplets." "What's with the tummy pooch?" "I have triplets." "Do you need help?" "I have triplets." :) Get the point?!

- our biggest survival secret besides leaving the house is the snugli - Kirk has a double one and without it I don't think I would be sane. Of course, if you ask my friends they already know I'm not!

- while it is really easy to love each of my 5 kids seperately and entirely I still feel guilty about stupid little things - Caleb is the only boy, did I hold each girl enough today? Does said baby feel left out because she's actually being good today? I know it doesn't matter but it's a mom thing!!

- to quote a line from "Jon and Kate plus 8" : "It's a crazy life but it's our life." To add my own sentiment - "I love it!" (if you have cable I encourage you to watch this show - makes us laugh every time and it's great to see someone with more kids at once than us!)

Milestones to Date:

- Alyssa can roll over both ways but not in succession
- Julianna can roll everywhere and can rock on all fours
- Rachel can roll over and rock on all fours - we are getting close to crawling
- They have one tooth between the 3 of them
- They do not eat food very well, still. Alyssa like stuff like breadsticks and crackers - the other two don't care
- No one can sit up but they are all trying

Mom's Milestones:

- Joined a moms of multiples club although my club could also be renamed mom of twins club... Oh well, I'll just hope for more triplets
- Joined a writer's club
- Almost finished reading my first novel in 7 months. This is a big step for me and my reading buddies will be happy although they both read much faster than me...


Cherie said...

Such a great post! Happy 7 months!

Karen said...

so, speaking as a completely ignorant mom-to-be of triplets (I've got a four year old but never had him as an infant)... please share the secrets of a snugli! I'm assuming it's like a sling or baby bjorn or something similar.

I feel very unprepared!!! These babies had better stay in for a while so I can figure it out!