Saturday, June 02, 2007

Alive But Just Barely...

Okay, so it wasn't quite that dramatic but it could have been. It has been one crazy week. Kaitlyn has had a large number of end of school year activities including Field Day and celebrating the summer birthday's in her class and a musical on Friday night.

To top it off we had a yard sale today (we made enough to feed the girls for another 2 weeks!) and then tonight had some friends over for dinner. Well, so as not to bore our friends we almost burned the house down. No lie. Kirk was outside grilling - everyone was out there with him but me and the propane tank springs a leak and then ignites. The grill caught on fire! I mean, big fire.

My friend grabbed all the kids and ran to safety (save one baby who her husband quickly rescued). My husband, meanwhile is trying to put out a huge fire. He runs inside, grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays the whole grill. I thought it was done but the thing just starts shooting flames again. We were very close to calling the fire department. Now wouldn't that have been fun?

Fortunately, Kirk was able to grab the entire grill and basically throw it off the deck (we have a wooden deck - if that had caught fire all bets on the house still standing would've been lost). The thing is still in flames so Kirk grabs the hose and begins to pour water all over it. Thankfully he was able to put out the fire with only a singed arm to show for it. No deep burns, no hurt children or adults and we only had to grill our hotdogs inside on a grill pan rather than outside on the grill.

So, today I am just happy to report that we are all alive! And the girls have all found their toes - so cute. Oh, we have also come up with new nicknames. Due to Rachel's increasingly fussy state we are adding: Cranky, Cuddly and Cute to Leaky, Little and Loud. I know, seems unfair but Rachel is really cranky! Alyssa is really cuddly and well, Julianna is pretty cute :)

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