Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sugar and Spice

And everything not so nice has come out of my girls in the last week. So, everyone knows that last week the girls were sick but what I feel that I must share now is that somehow this has changed their bodies. I don't know what happened - freak of nature maybe - but ever since I have spent every day changing the girls clothes with every diaper change. I can't expain it but all of a sudden a diaper is not enough to hold in what these girls can put out. Every outfit, every time. Even the carseats and my friend's floor - dripped through the carseat and got onto her floor. That was Alyssa. It took two other moms to change Julianna today after her turn. I don't think I'll be invited back :)

So, I'm just wondering if somehow they got the saying wrong for girls because I haven't noticed any sugar or spice. What happened to my babies??!!

Friday will be their first day in a pool (unless they don't let us in for our pooping problem...) so I'll have a happier post then but for today I'm going crazy. I'm very tired of screaming girls and poopy diapers. Who signed me up for this job anyway??

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