Friday, June 08, 2007

And The School Year Ends...

Wow! This has been a very crazy, busy week. It was Kaitlyn's last week of first grade and after the mess of the past 6 weeks I'm glad to see it go even though I can't believe I now have a 2nd grader.

Last Friday Kaitlyn's school put on a musical and the kids did a great job. Kaitlyn was a little nervous at first but as always she sang her heart out and had a great time:

It was an American musical.

And yesterday was Kaitlyn's last official day so the school had their awards day and Kaitlyn was officially made a 2nd grader and given some awards for being an outstanding student. Afterwards I took Kaitlyn and Caleb to play mini-golf with her "old" teacher.

Kaitlyn accepting her awards.

Kaitlyn's idea of mini-golfing - go as fast as you can and slide the ball into the hole.

Caleb's idea of mini-golfing - carry the ball to the hole, put it down next to the hole, roll it in and yell "I got a score." I have no idea what that means but he seemed to enjoy it.

Looks like perfect form!

Kaitlyn and Mrs. G

Kaitlyn and some of her school friends.

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