Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Behind!

So, the girls actually turned 8 months old yesterday and I like to post every month on their monthly birthday just to give a month's review but it has officially happened and I am late! I apologize :) It's been a very busy week. But when isn't it really?

What has changed since last month? A lot really. Now Julianna and Rachel are extremely mobile. They can get anywhere they want to go. They're not crawling in the traditional sense but they have the army crawl thing down. Julianna is growing her 4th tooth! She has two on the bottom, one clearly through on the top and the 2nd one almost in on the top. The other 2 still have none...

Julianna has become a bully. She has been spotted crawling over Rachel, grabbing toys out of Rachel's hands, eating Rachel's head. Notice how it's always Rachel! Alyssa seems to stay out of the fight and is busy doing her own thing.

In fact, Alyssa can sit up very well. Many, many minutes without falling over but she has no desire to try to move very far. Just quite content to sit in the middle of the floor and play with a toy. It's really cute.

Alyssa now loves the water. We went to the pool again yesterday (I am burnt to a crisp again - darn, why don't I have better skin??!!) and Julianna and Alyssa both loved floating around the baby pool and sitting with mommy in the big pool and splashing in the water. Rachel tolerated it but not for long and soon fell asleep in her car seat thus missing the big kid pool. Oh well, next time.

Alyssa and Rachel now love the jumper too and enjoy swinging in it and bouncing like crazy. They are 3 adorable, active girls and I can't believe they are 8 months old already! Crazy thought: the girls have now been out of me longer than they were in :) Making more progress till their first year...

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