Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Like Mom

Today was a big day in our family. At least for Kaitlyn. She has now followed in both of her parents footsteps and not in such a great way. She got her first pair of glasses today. Her eyesight has been bad for a while but we have been a bit busy in the last year. Hmmm... wonder why :) And I have been a little behind on getting her in. Partly due to time, partly money and partly because I knew the anxiety it would bring to Kaitlyn who was petrified of the appointment and petrified of the glasses themselves.

With some very good handling on the part of the employees of Lenscrafters Kaitlyn survived her appointment and got her prescription for her glasses. Once she put on the doctor's sample glasses and saw that she could see she was amazed. Things were no longer blurry! She was so bad she couldn't read below the largest letter on the chart. The glasses took an hour to make and in that time she changed from hating glasses to being excited to get them.

So, without further delay here's a picture of our Kaitlyn now...

Isn't she adorable? And speaking of adorable - here's the girls with Kaitlyn tonight and not to be left out a picture of Caleb who at least smiled for his picture tonight! Such a rare thing that it must be captured :)

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