Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our First Cookie

Okay, so being home by myself with 5 kids has been interesting. More interesting then with 7 kids (the other girls are out of town for a week) because I don't have 3 girls to entertain each other so I have become Kaitlyn's sole source of entertainment :) And Caleb's, and Julianna's and Rachel's and Alyssa's... Well, you get the point.

So, today I decided to try something new with the girls and give them those very messy biter biscuits. But they loved them and it bought me like 20 minutes of quiet!! Woo hoo!! The girls still hate food. Love their bottles, hate food. I think we'll be skipping baby food and going straight to regular food. Julianna would prefer that. Rachel doesn't care and Alyssa is good either way.

Here are the results from today's "experiment" - notice the trays - I don't usually do that either:

Here's Julianna - isn't she a disaster? Pretty much what usually happens with her food - out of the mouth and onto the bib. I guess she feels it's better there!

Rachel was the least impressed with the cookie and barely ate it. In the end it disappeared into thin air and I still can't find it but given her "clean" look I know she didn't eat it!

Alyssa loved it but then again she loves every type of food she can gnaw on. And if there's no food available, mommy's fingers will do just fine! Just try to get that cookie out of her hand - not that you would want to touch it. Ewwww!

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