Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's Official

We have crawling babies! Well, one crawling baby anyway (Julianna) and when Julianna does something Rachel is never far behind. Alyssa, on the other hand, it still her "lazy" self and gets stuck on her belly still. I do think she's sitting up quite a bit longer then the others but that's probably only because she has the patience to do so.

I am still amazed by their personalities. Julianna always asks like the older one and does things far before the other two do. She wants to get down and go. She cries when she can't get a hold of a toy she wants or loses one. She doesn't want to be held.

Rachel is just a funny little girl. She has a lot of heart along with the biggest eyes and mouth I've ever seen! She's a bit less cranky lately and her favorite game is chase brother or sister. Makes her giggle every time. Speaking of big sister - she has become a great helper lately and is doing wonderfully at entertaining the girls. They LOVE her! Caleb entertains them occasionally but would much prefer that I do it as well as take care of him :)

Alyssa is still as cuddly as ever. She loves to just sit on my lap and play with whatever toy she can get in her mouth. She hates to be on her stomach and is stuck there for the time being when she rolls over. She doesn't want to move!

The swings will be coming down. Julianna is just too mobile and today while Rachel was swinging Julianna got herself under there and about got her head knocked off. I caught her so she's fine but now I have to either put all 3 in or none and given Julianna's desire to move. Forget it!

So, enjoy the video of Julianna that Kirk took today. Again, she just cracks us up so I hope you get a laugh out of this too and that you enjoyed your once in a century day - 7/7/07 :)

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