Sunday, July 01, 2007

Multiples, Multiples Everywhere

AKA the Prince William Moms of Multiples Club Picnic. AKA as minivan central. Today was an enormously eventful day. First off was the multiples club picnic and we all had a great time. Lots and lots of twins and two sets of triplets. I'm going to begin working on recruiting some triplets :) The older two got a chance to play in the sand, the sprinkler and on the playground. Mom and Dad got to deal with cranky babies who missed their nap time. But even in a multiples club people love babies so we had many hands eager to help out and hold. We had a great day!

Kaitlyn and Caleb wore their "Sister of Triplets" and "Brother of Triplets" respectively. Seemed so appropriate...

The girls having fun on the blanket:

I've got to tell you that Rachel is one sly dog. She is miss cranky all the time but I break out the camera and who do I get fussing? Alyssa of course! Maybe Alyssa just hates having her picture taken :)

After the picnic it was off to a birthday party. And this on the heels of VBS for the two older kids. It has been a very crazy, busy week! Gotta love it!

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