Monday, September 03, 2007

The Order of Things

Have you noticed that things have to be done in a certain order? Of course, my life is scheduled, scheduled, scheduled. The most common question we get is: how do we do it every day? Of course, the babies are there every day so we don't have much of a choice :) but beyond that we rely on our daily routine - naps and feedings are about the same very day. It's crazy.

Beyond our schedule we have noticed that we must do certain things in certain ways. For example, in the stroller the order is from front to back: Rachel, Julianna, Alyssa. Rachel must be in front to avoid screaming, Julianna is fine in the middle where she can pull up and laugh (lately though she spends most of her time attempting to turn around!) and then Alyssa just hangs out in the back seat. Has to be like that.

For other things, Julianna is the last baby that I get out of bed every day, always. If I don't do it this way she'll be done with her bottle before I even get Alyssa and Rachel strapped in. So, she must be last. She must also be last in the getting down from the table department - mostly this is because she's the grossest and I am just putting it off!!

In all other matters we must move delicately around Alyssa. She is going through this faze where if she can't see an adult (doesn't have to be me) she freaks out and thinks she has been left alone. So, sometimes it's easier to take care of her first and put her in front of a toy but others I do her last so that I am ready to play with the girls after her change. She's a fickle one!

Come bath night the girls must be in order from left to right: Alyssa, Rachel, Julianna. Julianna is NOT allowed in the middle. This is a mistake - she will steal toys and harass her sisters. So, she must be on the outside - but not on the left or she'll be near the drain and let all the water out! So, she's on the right. Rachel still fights but she's less aggressive than Julianna but is still too active to be near the drain :) Alyssa ignores the drain but loves the water falling so she can sit down there on the left. Julianna can still attempt to climb over Rachel to steal from Alyssa but it is a bit harder.

And for no reason at all the girls are in birth order in the middle row of the van - Julianna behind the driver, Rachel in the middle and then Alyssa. Right now we can all squeeze in there but I think are days without a bus are numbered...

Just wanted to share my observations of these multiples - I am learning new things about them and the world of multiples in general every day. It's so funny to see them fight!! Happy Labor Day!

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