Friday, September 28, 2007

I Just Have To Brag

No, not on the kids (who have been sick all week) on my husband! He has been working super hard for months. Going in early but thankfully not staying late to get overtime at work. He comes home, helps me with dinner and the kids in the evening. Last night he even let me go out to see some other triplet moms and put all 5 kids to bed by himself. He's great!!

But, I'm not the only who thinks so :) Okay, yes, the kids too (they love him) but someone else. Around June Kirk began writing articles/tutorials for a few magazines. At first it was one, Advanced Photoshop and now it is two with Photoshop Creative being added in August. This month he turned in two, next month it is three. They keep asking him back. I told you he was good!

Anyway, I wanted to share his latest work with everyone. Be sure to check this out - I'm sure they change the front page of their website from time to time but check out that cover! Isn't it awesome? I think I've got some bragging rights?!! Don't miss the editor's blog on the bottom.

Good job, babe - I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Great job! We're really proud of you son! We love you... Mom & Dad