Monday, March 03, 2008

It's March

Wow! I'm just barely catching my breath and it's just March 3rd. I've been hard at work at my Criminal Behavior class midterm. I'm 3 pages in. I'm not sure how many I have to go and to be perfectly honest I don't want to think about it. I have three days :)

Tonight I got the joy of volunteering at a local consignment sale. As a lot of you know I LOVE clothes. Mostly kids clothes since they are way more fun to dress then I am!! Maybe when I'm skinny and beautiful again. Ha ha! So, since I love clothes I obviously buy clothes for my girls and lots of them. Then there's the task about what to do with them?

Lately I have become very passionate aobut not keeping things. I have discovered that I kept too much of Kaitlyn and Caleb's clothes hoping to pass them down. Instead I have ended up with lots of clothes and nothing to use them for. I have also become very involved with consignment sales and am now convinced that there's nothing you can't buy cheaper and second hand and there's NO reason at all to keep stuff lying around. If the Lord willed and for some reason we had another child I can get everything I would need for cheap so why hang on to it?

Seriously! Items sell so much better the newer they are. The better the brand the better the re-sale. That's my other money tip (after the grocery game). Buy the best clothes you can afford - if you can't buy full price from a brand name store then buy at a consignment sale - just brand name unless it's seriously all out play clothes! When it's not brand name it's almost like throwing money away because no one else will want them and they don't wear that well.

On my kids clothes I have already made about $500!! And that's just selling a fraction of what they have. I'm using this money to buy their summer clothes (the only usual exception is Easter/Christmas clothes though I think by next year when I'm able to sell this year's clothes that will be covered too). Next year I will sell these clothes, etc. and I really pay very little for their clothes and I think they're always dress quite cutely. (Pajamas are the exception - I couldn't care less what they wear to bed).

These are my exhausted ramblings - I swear I could write a book on the subject. In the coming months I'm even considering setting up my own business and consigning brand name clothes for others on E-bay so this is a serious passion of mine :)

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Momma-of-5 said...

Okay...I give up. You DON'T sleep, do you!?!?! I barely have time to get laundry done and still catch 5 hours of sleep a night. You're writing books, consigning clothes, taking classes...AND keeping your family in order. You're definitely my hero!