Friday, March 28, 2008

Port Discovery Children's Museum

What was the big surprise for the kids? I know you're all waiting on pins and needles. Kidding. We took the kid's to Baltimore to the Port Discovery Children's Museum. This is a great place. We spent a few days in Baltimore when I was pregnant with Caleb and took Kaitlyn to the aquarium but then I got really sick so only Kirk was able to take Kaitlyn to the museum and they had a great time. I've been anxious to get back ever since (can't get to the aquarium - they don't allow strollers there - yikes - are you kidding me?).

Anyway, that's why we just headed for the museum but it was great. It was 3 floors of kids friendly fun including a huge playground with zip line, two-story slide, wooden and rope bridges and all kinds of climbing walls. They played in water, went to Egypt, went through a wacky house and served us food in a kid-sized diner. As for the triplets they spent most of their time in the playroom for kids under 4 (Kirk and I took turns so we did get out of there a bit!). But they had a ballpit, kid-sized tables, books, blocks, and a pint-sized playground which the girls learned how to climb up and slide down.

We are throroughly exhausted but had such a good time and it was a great way to end the kids spring break...

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Cherie said...

Thanks for telling us about this place!
I had no idea it even existed. We are definitely going to plan a trip there soon.