Friday, March 21, 2008

I Love It! I Love It!!

We have been in our house for almost five years and we are just now getting to the last old appliance: the cooktop in the island. We've been in desperate need of one for a while so with a little tax money we are grateful to have a new one! Those of you who have been here and those of you who have graciously attempted to clean this thing will be as appreciative of this new appliance as I am :)

Before (and this is after cleaning):

And after (so cool!):

I know it's not the exciting stuff you visit my blog for but I'm really excited about it. I think this will make my counterop look cleaner, give me more space (since it's flatter) and hopefully increase the appeal of our home as we continue to think about selling and moving! Someday :)

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The G's said...

Yay for new stuff! Happy cooking! And Happy Easter to you and your family!