Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Life In Two Minutes

Yesterday I took a few video snapshots of minutes in my day and thought I'd share them since it's been a while since I've added some videos. They are so cute :)

If I were the cat I would have run much sooner!

I have been trying to capture this for a while now - watching them going up the stairs is such a funny, surreal and just cool - it's like a swarm. But I think this time I capture more their hate of the gate and their magnetism to the stairs...

And the Praying Mantis'. Okay, they hatched over the weekend while at school. They got fed one day this week and came home with us for Spring break which started today. We probably had like 20 live little nymphs. They were kind of cool actually. And we tried to feed them yesterday - the fruit flies are alive and well. The praying mantis nymphs on the other hand, not so much. I think we have utterly failed. We can't find a single live one today! What could have happened?? So, in this video they are alive and well and we are about to feed them some fruit flies but this morning we were disappointed to find them basically dead. I think the fruit flies have taken over... (If you don't like bugs - don't watch this video)

1 comment:

Tripletblessed said...

Ok first OMG they are so fast going up those stairs wow!
Second I was totally freaking watching the fruit flies get opened I was worried (for you) they were going to escape in your home!
Sorry about the nyphs hope you find a survivor!