Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dorinda and Cherie Plus Eight

You're right - it's not as catchy as John and Kate plus Eight but today I had sextuplets plus two :) Except the two were in school so I guess they don't count either. But, I did have triplet girls and triplet boys playing together and since they are just three days apart in age (both born at 36 weeks) they are as close to sextuplets as I'm ever going to get!!!!

My friend Cherie stopped by today to pick up some things and came in to hang out for a bit so we got to enjoy 6 kids instead of 3 each :) Her boys were so good I'm thinking I could handle sextuplets. Ha ha!!

And here's the best I could get of all 6 kids together (the turtle is a new consignment sale find - just $4 new in the box!! - can't beat that):

Closer in of the boys at least - all of them and Alyssa's foot :)

Now Alyssa's in but Rachel is crying and moving. Of course.

Rachel took a liking to Jack - I think he's her favorite and yes, she can tell him apart from Tommy! (Jack is thinking "who is this crazy chick? At least she's kinda cute!"

Julianna and Tommy:

And Christian - sorry about the box that was our old ball holder :)

Finally, the last time these six kids were together - we've both come a LONG way since!

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Tripletblessed said...

Looks like everyone had lots of fun and they are already matched up well aren't they.