Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Update

After some minor chastising on the nurses part for not bringing Rachel in yesterday we have determine that it was not a febral (spelling?) seizure because she did not have a fever. This I already knew :) We are also pretty sure that she didn't just hold her breath and pass out because we would have been able to revive her immediately and it doesn't explain the stiffness.

We're being referred to a nuerologist - with lots of phone calls on the pediatrician's office we were able to be squeezed in on Tuesday morning at 8 AM. She'll have to have a basic workup and an EEG - should be fun. I'm sure it's nothing but we have to be sure. Oh the drama.

So what have we been doing with the rest of our time when we're not dialing 9-1-1 to save our kid's lives?

We have been on Spring break! Easter parties were last Wednesday and we've been off ever since. Thursday we had friends over, Friday I was babysitting again. Monday we were out at a friend's house. Tuesday we got to see daddy for lunch and go into his office. Everyone there loves to see how the "babies" have grown. Wednesday we were off to Chuck E. Cheese for a late b-day treat from one of the ladies at church. Don't worry we had extra hands to help with the kids so it was a lot of fun. Today, Kirk took off work and we were able to take the older kids to see Whorton Hears a Who. So cute! Very funny movie even for the adults.

And in all of this did I remember my camera even once? No, of course not! But I promise tomorrow when we take the kids "somewhere special" - it's a surprise for them - I will bring the camera!

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Momma-of-5 said...

Glad that your daughter is doing better. I had 3 (possibly 4) siezures in my life and after all the blood work, EEG, Catscan, etc. etc. they never found out what caused them. I had my first in 5th front of my science class. YIKES! Talk about embarrasing. They WHEELED me to the nurse. They had to press the emergency button in the classroom which causes a bell to ring thru the WHOLE school. I haven't had one since...oh...I don't know...10 years or so? I'll keep praying the doctors find you some answers, so God heals your princess.