Thursday, July 10, 2008

BIG Changes

I am sad today to say that my parents have flown back to Florida :( We won't see them again until December. How sad is that? I know I am bummed. Kaitlyn and Caleb are both sad and miss them already. The triplets don't notice but they don't notice much. Out of sight, out of mind. Even mommy :)

I did want to post pictures of the awesome work my dad has been doing all week. He has been outside working hard on our deck. I know it has been tiring and exhausting work for him but we so greatly appreciate it. If we have any hope of ever selling this house the deck had to be replaced. So thank you dad, you are the most awesome, greatest dad ever and not just for the deck. Your servant's heart and your love amaze me constantly. We all love Dad/Grandpa!! (Grandma too because there's no way anything could get done with out her - she is my expert help baby wrangler and of course she loves us all too which helps).

It's not completely done but it's quite on its way. Kirk has to finish the side boards and then sand it down and stain it but I know when that's all done it's going to look great. I can't wait to post those pics as well as the ones of the new wood table and benches we ordered (made by the amish, delivered to Virginia).

And the other big change? It's the Great Big Room Swap. We have known forever that Kaitlyn's room was bigger then the triplets but the last thing I wanted to do to Kaitlyn was kick her out of the room she'd been in for years just because she had a few extra baby sisters. But this year I asked her if she wanted a new room for her birthday. I made the deal sweeter by offering her an animal room which is her #1 favorite thing - animals! (Followed closely by her Nintendo DS - if you don't know what that is you will as soon as your kids get older). Anyway, to my great amazement Kaitlyn said yes and not even a little bit hesitant - it was a big yes from the beginning.

Last night we made our first changes, taking down Kaitlyn's bed and moving the triplets cribs from their room into Kaitlyn's room. Kaitlyn will be sharing with Caleb for the next week or more so that we can get Kaitlyn's new room painted and decorated as well as organized (hopefully) since I'm quite tired of all the mess and toys everywhere.

Here are a few of the before pictures:

Kaitlyn's bed. Yes, there are pictures and little things everywhere but she keeps her room relatively clean on her own so I'm happy with that.

Sitting on her chair. The bookshelves are staying as are the stripes that we hand painted all those years ago (five to be exact).

The triplets room. We painted the blocks on these walls long before we knew we were having a third child let alone three more. The design was intended to be a playroom for the kids, not a nursery at least not a permanent one. While I love the colors they don't do an 8-year-old justice so there will be some Kilz and some new paint in the next week.

They certainly looked crammed in there don't they?

The girls in their beds in the new room. Instead of having two cribs lined up we now have two side by side. This way they can't "share" blankets or toys too much.

If you're wondering, she's not sleeping. I believe she was throwing a temper tantrum to get out of the bed (even though she had thrown one to get in) and since I wasn't immediately complying to her request she was expressing her grief. Makes for a better picture though - she looks so cozy :)

I will continue to update as we make progress. The goal is to have Kaitlyn's room done by next Saturday (her birthday) but I'd be truly surprised if that were the case. Hopefully she won't be disappointed.


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Your baby room looks just like mine. Not the colors though, I'm not that talented. Just the size and the crammed in cribs. I wish we had somewhere to expand to but not until we add on.

How did they sleep in their new room?


Momma-of-5 said...

Ugh...what a project! I'm not looking forward to this day! Once the trips are out of the nursey, the boys will get "the big room" and each girl will have their "own" room...
...and then I'll be in a padded room!

Denise Wheeler said...

Wow, I love the stripes that you painted on the wall in the triplets new room. I know the stripes are new. I also really like the different color blocks, although, I understand why Kaitlyn doesn't really want to keep them. Good luck and have fun redecorating.

Tripletblessed said...

Love the painting in both rooms! You are very talanted I would never even attempt a project like that one.
Sorry your parents are gone I can only imagine how rough that must be on you sorry. Big hugs.

MaryBeth said...

Looks like a huge undertaking. I wonder when my girls will be ready to split up two and two?!? Are any of your trio eager to move in with Kaitlyn one day or do you think the age difference is too great??