Saturday, July 12, 2008

Caught Being Silly

The girls eating cookies while sitting on top of the Pampers box - I only put one of them their :) This is the best shot I got - they kept moving and the pictures were blurry. I know there's a camera that fixes this problem but of course I don't have that!

Julianna trying on Kaitlyn's underwear. She has taken to trying on all sorts of pieces of clothing lately. Then she tries to walk around with them around her legs - this time it was underwear but other times she puts on shirts or shorts that she finds. Cracks me up every time (this picture was taken in FL)

And I can't help it, I had to put the video up of her walking around with the underwear. Don't miss the big grin I get at the end - she is sooo funny! I get that grin all the time now. LOVE it!!

Rachel trying on Julia's shoes - another of the girls obsessions.

Alyssa covered in mashed potatoes. Somehow she managed to go from eating them to smothering her face and hair with them. Oh yea, this was fun to clean up...

Took the older "four" on a tour of Harris Teeter and then out to lunch with the moms of multiples group. Grandma was still her so she kept the younger three for me. Somehow they wouldn't have gotten much out of the tour :)

Ever wonder what became of the praying mantis? Not the ones that died of course but the second batch that actually lived? After being divided up among her classmates we took three home. As we headed out of town right away they had to be babysat by our neighbor. Well, they all died. Yea, tiny ants aren't big enough. BUT, the good news (good news?) is that they found us another one. We haven't told Kaitlyn (though as soon as she reads this she'll know) so to her this is still Wilbur and boy has Wilbur gotten big! He's (she's?) also graduated from tiny little black ants to big sized crickets. I haven't seen him/her eat yet but I hear it's pretty brutal.

I hope you can see just how big he is. He's the thing from the rock straight up. He's pretty long.

"Do you see it, Rachel? He's right there. You can catch him if you really try."

"Come on, Rachel, right there." Well, that's probably not what they were saying. It was more like, "If I shake the cage, what will happen?" We know what happened - he fell from his favorite spot on top of the cage to the bottom. In the above picture I think he was hanging on for dear life thinking, "Please God, give me the cat but get rid of these girls!!"

The "Things" are back!! And as always they are wreaking havoc on our lives. Oh yes, they are very helpful with the dishes.


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I love the "thing" outfits. Where did you get them? The photos and video are all so adorable.

It's funny what you said about watching Ryan's video cause I was actually going to say that most of you wouldn't want to watch ANOTHER screaming kid.

Mine are getting a little better. I think they are adjusting to the nap schedule. Lately they have been waking up crying in the night. Teeth Maybe? Who knows.

Candace Hickey said...

Ok, I LOVE your title page...on the edge! Very creative. Thank you for all of your help with the blog thing. I am officially addicted. Now I can read about other families and see it.
So your Alyssa likes to dance too? By the way, love the pictures of eating the cookies and the mashed potatoes...classic!

Momma-of-5 said...

I think I need "Thing" outfits for their birthday party next month...

Candace Hickey said...

I forgot to tell girls have the same green turtle shirt from Gymboree! He he he he...we have good taste!

Denise Wheeler said...

I love the thing shirts. Those are too cute. I love, love, love the video. Too funny.

Karen said...

Dorinda!! I've been looking for thing 3 shirts FOREVER! Since, like, THE DAY I FOUND OUT I WAS HAVING TRIPLETS! Where did you find them??

Dorinda said...

The Thing outfits actually (they didn't have shirts in their sizes) were purchased at Universal Studios Florida. We debated over them for a few minutes because they were $20 each but went ahead anyway and I'm so glad we did - they are hilarious!!

I would check the internet or Universal's website - it's worth a shot. That was the first place I'd seen anything beyond Thing 2 :)