Thursday, July 31, 2008

What About The Girls?

At it's been a while since I've actually posted anything about the girls I thought I'd try and update about them a little bit. They are everywhere and into everything. They do stairs up and down without a problem. Julianna is still talking a lot and they understand just about everything. We're working on where our body parts are and Julianna likes to show me her nose and teeth.

Honestly they are a lot easier these days - finally! But it seems that with the gates down on the stairs they are happy to go up and down and play. Give them some extra snacks and life is great. They are doing well with one nap a day and "sleeping" for about 3 hours a day - okay, they're in their beds for a little more then that but they need some down time too!!

They love, love, love being outside especially in the swing and hate the stroller. Now they can kick each other in the face while side-by-side. Yea, it's a pretty sight. Julianna kicks Rachel who feels the world has instantly ended and we all must know about it (Rachel doesn't like to be touched if she's in a certain mood). Alyssa and Julianna often like to play a game where they push each other and giggle. It's funny really.

A few pictures from this month:

"New" outdoor toys - one of the perks of being in a multiples club is the stuff that gets passed down :)

There's always a line when you have triplets!

And from today I got some shots of the girls sitting on the stairs playing together:

This is Julianna leaning forward giving me a huge grin for the camera - this girl is a riot or a drama queen depending on the time of day...

This is Rachel making her way up the stairs. Slowly, very slowly. She only moves quickly up the stairs if she's trying to get up there before I see her. If I want her to go up there I have to wait anywhere between a day or a week :) Kidding.


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

They seem like they've grown since the last time I saw them. Or at least their hair.

I wish I had a playhouse and slide like that. My kids would love it. I want a multiples club too.

MaryBeth said...

They are looking so grown up these days... can't we slow this down some?!? I love this age so I think I would if I could...

Cherie said...

They look so big in those pictures! It always amazes me how much like my boys they are!

Angie said...

The girls look so happy with their "new" toys...I agree multiples clubs are the greatest. We obtain alot of our "new" toys the same way!