Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Deck Before Pictures

Since I'm going to have a bunch of before and after photos I thought I'd go ahead and post what the deck looked like until a few days ago. You will have to agree that it was just awful...

And without the boards:

Today was better. Dad kept working on the deck. He's halfway there :) The girls weren't quite as cranky. And I have 7 kids again. Meaning Allyson and Julia are here for the summer. Sometimes I have to catch myself when people ask how many kids I have. I almost say 7. Hopefully it's not a premonition of things to come!

Update on Ellie (week 30): Being such a small preemie she takes steps forwards and then steps backwards. I have zero NICU experience so I don't fully understand what she's going through but I know a lot of you reading this have been there. Currently she is off of C-PAP for breathing and is instead on a nasal canula but it may not be enough because of the fluid in her lungs which is making it difficult to breathe. She is also back under the lights for jaundice. On a good note her digestive system seems to be working well and this is great news. Weight wise she's been fluctuating between 2 pounds 9 and 2 pounds 13 ounces. Please continue to pray for little Ellie and her family as her heart and brain will be scanned again in the next few weeks.

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