Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Am I?

So it's only been two days since my last post but I feel I've been a million miles from my computer. I'm behind on everybody else's blogs (they're piling up to read in Google Reader!!) and I'm flat out exhausted. No, I'm not throwing myself in front of JoRonda's moving van. Boat? Though I would like to be, don't get me wrong! But instead I've been spending my week here:

I volunteer a good 12 hours a week when the sale is running (which it is 3 times a year) - I also consign my clothes although this time I've been so far behind that I hardly put anything in :( I'll hold it till October. While I'm used to chasing 3 toddlers I'm not used to standing on my feet for 4 hours and working - it's so different - so I'm tired. I could sleep for a day :) I can probably do that anyway.

So, if you're anywhere near me tomorrow through Saturday be sure to check it out. There's soooo much stuff still there (no, I didn't buy it all today...):


On a totally different note I saw my GYN today and she thinks I probably do have an autoimmune disorder. Not sure what. I see the Hematologist next week and we'll see how that goes. Falling asleep and I still have to work tomorrow...


Denise Wheeler said...

I hope you get some rest. Still praying all is well and the dr. visits go well.

Collegegirl said...

You are in my prayers as answers are sought! Hope you get some rest!