Monday, July 07, 2008

Is It Only Monday?

Mondays are certainly my least favorite days. After a whole weekend of having Kirk here to help it's hard to get up on Monday morning knowing I have the whole week ahead of me to take care of all the kids by myself. Of course this Monday I still have my parents but I also had to get back into life after being gone for so long and for whatever reason this turned out to be a very difficult task.

Kaitlyn's needed a cavity filled for weeks (since before we left) and lazy mom that I am (or completely swamped that I was before we left) I didn't get her in so I knew it had to be done this week while my mom was here to care for the other 4. Called the dentist this morning and they had an opening at 11 AM. Wow, how helpful is that? I rush Kaitlyn in by myself. Just me and her. I'm so excited because they take her back and I get to stay and wait. I love it. Call me weird, I don't need to be in there. She's done this 4 times before she'll be fine.

Of course she isn't fine.

The one day I bring my book and prepare to read for twenty minutes she needs me. She's dying, she can't go on without me. She might actually feel a twinge of pain. It could possibly hurt, she can't do it. The dentist will not hold her down and make her. I tell him he'd better do it now or he never will because it will 3 times worse the next time when she's had time to think about how bad the pain might be. Thankfully after squeezing my hand and some extra, extra, extra numbing cream, he was able to use the needle and numb her gum and get the cavity in but my morning was shot. Not that big of a deal, there's always the afternoon.

As any of you with small children know it's all about the nap time. Without that break I go nuts, I NEED the break.

But, Julianna has had a fever for the past 4 days ranging from 100 to 104. I call the doctor, I figure it's no big deal, it's viral, she'll be fine. Of course the doctor wants me to come in, of course the only opening they have is at 2:30 smack in the middle of nap time and of course that opening isn't in the office close to me.

So, I pack Julianna up at 2 after putting the other 2 down for a nap and head to the doctor all the while knowing she is FINE. Look, I really think medicine should be based on a mother's gut. I know nothing's wrong I'm just confirming with them, really. When I know something is actually wrong I'll fight them till they do as I say. Like when Alyssa had RSV. I knew something was wrong and I wasn't leaving till they agreed. But, being the good doctors that they actually are they knew what she had and sent her to the hospital.

Back to today. Of course nothing was wrong. She has a fever. Kids get those. Yes, I already knew this. Why couldn't you have told me this over the phone? Of course her temp was normal at the doctors, of course she cried the entire time we were there and of course nothing is wrong with her. Not that I'm not glad about this but the one who really needed the nap didn't really get one and I wasted an hour at the doctor most of that waiting for the doctor to come and tell me what I already knew. Why do they call it an advice nurse? The only advice she ever gives me is to come to the doctors!!

Ugh. So annoying. Julianna is fine. Cranky but fine. Thank God for Tylenol.

The bright spot in my day was coming home to Caleb:

Caleb: Mom, Mom, I have good news!
Me: What is it Caleb?
Caleb: I got my first pet! My very first pet!
Me: (You know this just can't be good) What is it?
Caleb: Come see! I named him Sheldon.
Me: It's a turtle? (I'm such a good detective!)
Caleb: Yep.
(I follow him out to the backyard)
Caleb: I've waited for days and days and days to have my own pet and now I do. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore!

He was worried about having his own pet? He's a riot. I was hoping his good news was that the deck was finished but not yet. I can't wait to post pictures of that but it will have to wait a few days. What did you think my dad was doing while he was here? Relaxing. Ha! Never, thankfully :)


MaryBeth said...

Ugh, I totally agree about the nurse advice line! I try not to call unless I get that gut feeling anymore myself.

Caleb is a hoot... now he doesn't have to worry about not having his own pet anymore?!?

Tripletblessed said...

Congrats on the new family member! So is he living indoors or out?
Sorry your day was shot I hate ANYTHING that interupts nap time.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Thanks for the sympathy post on my blog. It does really help to know that your day sucked too.

As for the nurse help line. They usually type in your complaint on a computer and it tells them what to say. If it's anything that could be life threatening it will tell them to tell you to go to the Dr. They have to for sake of their own license. I wish I could do that job from home. Doesn't it sound like cake?

At least it was a turtle and not a stray pit bull. Can't wait to see the new deck!


Cherie said...

Thanks for the good laugh about Caleb. Your stories of him always make me smile.

I'm glad you are all home, safe and sound.

I actually LOVE Monday mornings. I think it's funny that you hate them. =)