Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't Laugh: We Call This Snow

Apparently even President Obama laughs at the Washington DC area and our snow policies. One inch and we cancel school. But I LOVE it. I love that we get some snow but not loads and loads and that the kids get out of school anyway. Okay, so the news goes overboard. Today, I kid you not, one of the news reporters measured our snow with her coffee cup! Seriously, they can't do better then we got as much snow as this medium coffee cup?? Good grief, our news comes out of the nations capitol - you think it would be better then that!!

But we had a good day "off" - the kids were home from school so we all got to sleep in a bit. Then Kirk took all the kids out front for a bit to play in the snow - took him longer to get them geared up then the time they played outside!

When the girls napped Kirk took the big kids out "sledding" - they had a great time though they didn't like walking up the hill.

I think Kirk is just dreading the time when he has to take all 5 kids out on the snow! That's been the weirdest thing about having triplets - we go from 2 kids to 5 in everything we do. Right now 2 seems manageable but whenever we add 3 more to the equation we freak out!! And this is long before we even considering their weddings. Triplets, who thought that was a good idea?!! Kidding, I love them all.


Misty said...

I WOULD call that snow! ALOT of snow! But then I'm from the south :)
Looks like a ton of fuN!!!!

Denise Wheeler said...

I am so jealous! It hasn't snowed here in over 20 years. OH well. I don't want to shovel snow or anything like that anyway. I will just have to take the kids to Steve's hometown during the winters so they can get some snow play.
Looks like they had a good time.

Mother of Multiples said...

beautiful children and beautiful pictures. Your blog is just captivating when you arrive. I love the up close shots of your kids. Makes me want to set up a photo session...