Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Writer's Block

Aagh! I feel like my brain is not functioning well. I have no idea why. Maybe it's the fact that I am currently addicted to a computer game. I go through phases - have to play then quit for months. Part of my obsession's I guess.

But even still it's been hard to blog and hard to write my novels. Which is even more frustrating when I realize I'm supposed to be at a conference in just under 2 months and really need to have something to share.

So, tonight I'll leave you with my girls veggin' 'cause my brain is right there with them!!


Candace Hickey said...

LOVE the pic of the girls chillin....and the bowling pics.

I was laughing at the drawing on the wall....I am just waiting for one of mine to do that.....I drew on my wall with blue crayon when I was a child!

By the way...We ALSO have the swim suits with the alligator...love them...and the little alligator purses! I have over $125 in Gymbucks to spend on April 16...can't wait!!

Good luck with the writing. :)

Denise Wheeler said...

So the funniest thing happened when I scrolled down to this post. Lucy was standing next to me and when she saw the picture she immediately started yelling "sissy". I guess maybe you had to be here but it was quite funny.

I love the way back when-sday pictures. It is amazing how much they have changed in such a short amount of time.