Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Sweet Rachel

Of all my children Rachel has been the most unique. This is not a bad thing - on the contrary it makes her who she is - my teeny tiny girl. Most days I'm still amazed she weighs more then 20 pounds and can face forward!

Rachel and Linus have a lot in common although most days I wish Rachel just dragged a blanket with her. Instead Rachel brings along a twin sheet - yes, a twin - I swear I feel like a bride with a train every time I carry her! But that's not all. No, she also brings along a pillow case - she's ready to make her own bed wherever she goes :) But that's not all. No, she also carries a book or two - more if she could. And then sometimes she adds a sippy cup and/or a snack. Can you believe she can carry all that? Me either! Half the time I have to carry it because God forbid she doesn't have one of those because then she goes on and on about it! When I get her up from nap she hands me her sheet, her pillowcase, her book, another book and then searches the bed for other things to take along - oh, I cut it off there - there's only so much I can carry! And this is before I get Julianna and her two-ton blanket that she brings along!

Oh, but there's more in my little Rachel - not only is she addicted to her sheets but she can NOT stop drawing. Here's some of her art work:

Pretty good huh? She can draw faces and rainbows and people. Is that normal for a 2-year old?! (The other two cannot draw like this)

Wondering how I know it's Rachel? Well, that's my wall, not a piece of paper!


Denise Wheeler said...

LOL! I am sorry, it really isn't funny but it is. Someday, it will be hilarious. Lucy is the same way about carry a boat load of stuff with her. Markas is my Linus. I love the picture. She is too darn cute.

peapodsquadmom said...

wow...i think that's pretty exceptional for a 2 year old! great job, rachel!

Donna said...

That is wonderful for a 2 year old. My cres is just starting with the circles! Great job.

Oh and the wall, I gave up and I am going to chalk board paint one area. That way they can draw on walls I can have some control over it!